Preschool Clubs

The Preschool Clubs meet once per week for 3 hours. Choose Wednesday 3.30-6.30, Saturday 9:00-12:00 or 14:00-17:00. Each session consists of a variety of age-appropriate, hands-on, fun activities because research indicates that children simply learn better when they are motivated, fully engaged, and having fun. Activities include music, arts and crafts, games, read-aloud sessions, and supervised play. This is a full-immersion environment where children listen and speak only English for three hours, under the supervision of native English speakers. Although three hours per week is not enough for children to reach fluency it establishes a foundation for the children when their brains are developmentally adapted to language acquisition. Early immersion in a language is especially critical for acquiring native-like pronunciation.

Enrollment begins
January 1
Programs begin
September 22