The ClubAnglais Approach
The ClubAnglais approach is based on research and best practice in immersion education. In English immersion programs children do not merely learn about the English language in the classroom. They learn through the English language as they actively put it to use. Researchers such as Genesee (2007) have discovered that immersion is a highly effective approach for teaching young children a foreign language (click here to read research). It is not until a child begins to actively use a language that real language acquisition takes place. Research by Dörnyei (1998) and others also indicates that the language learning process is greatly accelerated and enhanced when children are highly motivated and fully engaged (click here to read research). That is why at ClubAnglais we choose to teach English through fun activities such as sports, games, music, art and drama. In addition, research indicates that the earlier a child can begin learning a foreign language the better. Dr. Patricia Kuhl (2010), a Professor at the University of Washington, and Co-Director of the Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences, has published research indicating that the best time to begin learning a foreign language is around the age of 2 (click here to read research). The ClubAnglais approach is designed to take full advantage of the developmental opportunity that children have to learn English when they are young. In our preschool, children will be completely immersed in English for the entire day under the supervision of native English speakers. They will communicate and learn exclusively in English all day, every day. Emphasis will be placed on developing speaking and listening skills as well as preliteracy skills. In our after school programs, children will receive tutoring and homework support, but will also have opportunities to learn English through fun, engaging activities such as soccer, pickleball, swimming, basketball, gymnastics, martial arts, drama, art, and music.